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A mahogany veneer piece, defined by two crushed white pearl lines, on a Walnut core. The pearl lines and the mahogany are placed in an off-vertical way, a step towards a design that "wants" to escape from absolute geometry, but in a discreet way. The crushed pearl bit have some very nice colorful reflections when moving under the light. The piece is given a clear-glass finish, so that all details of the beauty of the materials are fully exposed.


Available Item (Ships in 1-2 days):

Size (EU/US) : 53 / 6.5-

Order to Your Size (Ships in approx. 7 days)

Width :             7,6 mm (max)
Thinckness :   2,0 mm

Material:    Mahogany veneer, White Pearl, Walnut veneer
Recycled:  No
Adjustable: No, but size, width and thickness adjustments can be discussed alongside your order. Please feel free to email us to discuss the details of your ring.


Crushed Pearl and Mahogany, in a Walnut Bentwood Ring

SKU: RG00068
170,00 €Price

    The wood on this ring is protected by a thick layer of CA. You do not have to use any wood care/finishing products. In order to clean it you can use a soft cloth dipped in water or alcohol.

    Ring size is crucial for a comfortable ring.
    It is highly recommended that you find out your ring size at a jewelery shop, measured by a proffessional.
    If possible, you can try to measure yor ring size both in the morning and evening, our fingers change in size throughout the day, and years of course. Please provide us with the correct size, since unfortunatelly we don't accect returns due to wrong size information.


    Like all jewelery, it is recommended that you remove the piece before you shower or swim.
    Nail polish remover, chemicals, thinners, sharp edges and rough surfaces can damage the surface finish.

    Re-finishing service costs 30€, provided only for AKdna rings.  This includes removing the protective CA finish, then polishing, then applying a new CA finish, and then polishing again.



    Available  Item: 1-2 working days
    Custom Order: 7 working days after the day ordered. In case of a delay due to excessive workload, you will be notified by email for an accurate shipping date. 
    Please consider ordering your ring at least 3 weeks before the desired shipping date, especially if you wish it to be delivered before a certain date.

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