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A geometry-cut mahogany handmade pendant.


'Smooth' edges and a satin finish for a discreet but classy look 



Width:   19mm

Height:  35mm


Materials: Padouk

Padouk Handmade Pendant

SKU: PT00025
40,00 €Price

    This product is completely covered in CA, so no wood or silver  is exposed. You will not need to apply any wood finishing products. You can clean the item with a soft cloth with water or alcohol.
    Like all jewelry, it is recommended that you remove the piece before you shower or swim.
    Nail polish remover, chemicals, thinners, sharp edges and rough surfaces can damage the surface finish.

    Re-finishing service costs 25€, provided only for AKdna rings.  

    The item above can be shipped in 2 working days after the day ordered. In case of a delay due to excessive workload, you will be notified by email for an accurate shipping date. 

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