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A very simple but strong design. The silver is given a rough finish and is attached  on the Mahogany ring with two claws that grab the wood, and glue. This ensures there is no possibility of separation.  At the workshop we really like the combination of silver and Mahogany, and this ring, through simplisity, brings out the beauty of this mix.

Scratched Silver Plate on Mahogany Slim-line Bentwood Ring

SKU: RG00030
60,00 €Price
  • Ring size is crucial for a comfortable ring.
    It is highly recommended that you find out your ring size at a jewelery shop, measured by a proffessional.
    If possible, you can try to measure yor ring size both in the morning and evening, our fingers change in size throughout the day, and years of course. Please provide us with the correct size, since unfortunatelly we don't accect returns due to wrong size information.

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