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Handmade Jewelry Disclaimer

All of our products are handmade.This means that there will be slight differences between the items pictured in the shop and the ones sent to you, but this results in a totally unique product.


Are bentwood rings really so strong?

Absolutely. There final product is a mix of bentwood and super-thin CA glue. They are surprisingly strong.

Please read more HERE!

How long will a bentwood-ring last?

Structurally forever. The finish will eventually wear away - of course depending on the use. On every ring we provide instructions in order to prolong the life of the finish. 

Do you have a warranty on your bentwood rings?

Unfortunately not. This is because it is very hard to define if a ring was broken because of misuse or  structural issues. We also do not carry responsibility for any damage that may occur  after the item has left the shop. But: On most items we will offer a discount up to 50% if the order is repeated. Please contact us with a description of the problem occurred. The broken/damaged item must be returned to us, and the buyer is responsible for the shipping costs. 

How do i take care of a bentwood ring?

On each ring, under the ADDITIONAL INFO, we offer instructions on how someone should take care of a bentwood ring.

Do you offer a refinishing service?

Yes we do. 

-Simple Refinish : Cleaning + re-application of a CA finish: 30€

-Full Refinish: Complete removal of the old finish + application of a new one: 50€.

In the prices above, shipping costs for sending the refinished ring back to you are included. 

The cost for sending the ring to us for refinishing, is the buyers responsibility.

What is the difference between your bentwood rings and some cheaper ones?

For the full answer please read HERE

Short answer:

-Every single one of our bentwood rings, is crafted individually, in a slow and demanding process.

-We do not outsource to China, or any other country. Every prototype and every order is 100% made by us, in the workshop.

- The cheap bentwood rings are different products, for a different market. The differences of such a product, and a high quality bentwood ring like we and other Studios do provide, are obvious on all aspects of a fashion item-design, structure, strength, finish etc

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