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Padouk Bentwood Ring

This smile we want on all our customers

Sausage Roll Ring

The Sausage Roll Ring. A fun experiment. Can we turn food into a ring?   

Polymer Clay Ring .JPG

A pure polymer clay ring prototype.

Who are we?

We are a team of designers, architects, jewelry makers, all obsessed with design and jewelry.

What do we want to deliver?

Wearable pieces that will make you smile.

Strong pieces that when properly treated will last forever. 

Our passion for design on a wearable piece of art.

Your designs, ideas, materials, beliefs, even feelings into a unique piece.

Our ability for high quality, which is a must on all our works.

What we like

We like making rings. Jewelry in general but especially rings, since rings tend to bond stronger with a person. A ring can be a lot of things. An exhibition, a window to a memory, a reminder, a demonstration of the character or passion.

We like classic forms- mainly on silver, but we are excited when having to experiment with combinations of materials or new or unconventional ways to reach a specific design target. We have even turned a sausage roll -part of it- into a ring. Challenge starts on the very early design stage e.g. can denim jeans give a classy piece? Can we turn this material -any material- into a nice wearable piece of jewelry? Which combination of materials or colors will make the desire elements to stand out? Some time ago, a piece of the t-shirt of the guitarist of a famous band, was turned into a nice ring.

At the moment we experiment a lot with new materials for us like resins and polymer-clay. Not all pieces make it to the shop. They must carry high standards on aesthetics and structural strength. We don't want to sell works that we are not sure that will last in time.

Experimenting on mixing materials.JPG

Experiments on mixing materials and techniques.

Our Designs​

We are obsessed with design. Everything starts and finishes with the design. Even when prototyping, it is never an "as we go" process. There is almost never a random in our world. Random is designed and controlled. The infill on our bentwood rings most of the times is made to look random, even though it is not. Only on some projects we go fully random.

 Many of our prototypes are designed "for a person". This person can be a group of people with similar style. Or a piece that e.g would fit  a certain type of cloth  .So the "model" is usually a person we know, and we try to explore the ways we can reflect the appeal or character. Many times we start like "let's make a ring for Lena (a friend with a style based on colours and combinations). This can get much more challenging than simply designing "a ring with a stone" e.g.

Denim Rings.jpg
Order for a Denim on Copper Ring.JPG

Denim and copper combine great

Your Ideas, Wishes and Designs​

You have a material, stone, cloth, paper, whatever. Sent it to us, and tell us a bit about its meaning or significance, We'll be glad to turn it into a beautiful wearable piece.

You have a complete design you want it to be manufactured? Send us the plans. We''ll be very happy to try and build it for you.

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