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Sharp lines and a mirror-like finish  for this greek olive tree  pair of earrings. The 'perfect finish' brings out a bright yellow color,  which makers the pair to stand out, especially when combined with dark colors. The wood is not exposed to the elements so no extra care treatment is required.



5,00 x 1,40x 0,50 cm approx.



- Olive tree solid wood

- Stainless Steel

Olive Tree Wood Earrings -High Gloss Finish

SKU: EG00008
55,00 €Price

    Like all jewelry, it is recommended that you remove the piece before you shower or swim.
    Nail polish remover, chemicals, thinners, sharp edges and rough surfaces can damage the surface finish.

    In the package, a portion of wax finish along with application instructions is included.

    The item will ship within 3 days after the ordering date.

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